Monday, March 12, 2012

In your face, Triceratops!!

Mei and I were having a snuggle the other morning; it is my favourite time of the day when the first kid up climbs into bed and we can chat quietly and uninterrupted about things- usually silly or trivial but sometimes not. The other morning, turning FIVE YEARS OLD still at the forefront of her thoughts, Mei was explaining to me how things are changing now that she is FIVE YEARS OLD; soon she will be going to kindergarten and she gets to play outside soccer this year and then after that she will turn six years old and then seven. "And then mommy, pretty soon I be THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD!! And that is really, really, really, super old. It is the biggest old EVER! And things that are that really, really, really, super old die!"

Now, I am thirty-eight and granted, it can feel pretty old sometimes, maybe even really old once in a while, especially in my swimsuit at the pool. But "the biggest old EVER", it is not. I explained to my little darling that while thirty-eight is quite a bit more than five, there are things that are much older than thirty-eight. And that even though I was THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD, I did not believe I was about to wither up and croak anytime soon, so maybe she could re-evaluate her position on that.

Pretty soon her sweet little head was nodding and her little eyes lit up and I knew that I had just done a bang up job of explaining how ones perspective can affect ones view of the passage of time. Yay me! Stellar parenting before 6:30 am- check!!

"Yeah, mama because rocks are older than THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD, right? And other stuff that is older than rocks would be older than THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD, right? And Triceratops, if he did not die in the coldness, would be older than THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD, right? So mommy, you are not the oldest EVER, because Triceratops is older than you!"

I'll take it. (even though Triceratops would probably still look better in a swimsuit...)

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