Friday, March 2, 2012

The obligatory post justifying this blog...

I believe this is the place where I am supposed to write something deep and introspective about how I hope to use my words, my craft, my gift, to educate and inspire the masses of people who will soon be hanging on my every well phrased sentence. How my writing is a catharsis, a purging of my very soul and intellect and possibly the cure for poverty and global warming as well....

I got nothing.

I hear voices.

Not really "voices", but a voice.

Now you are getting the wrong idea.

I talk to myself (well, it is more than talking to myself as I also reply) and really I have a great conversation going on inside my head most of the time. All of the time. And I do a lot of stupid stuff. I thought it would be cool to put this all on record, to get it out somewhere and see what happens. I am certain my kids future therapists will thank me and if nothing else it might make someone who is struggling feel like they have got their act together by comparison. You are so welcome!

Plus, I secretly kind of hope the whole curing poverty thing might work out for me.

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