Monday, March 5, 2012

My uterus hurts...

My baby will be FIVE years old tomorrow; I either need to find a way to stop time (and I have watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure many, many times so I believe I may be close to mastering the science involved!!) or else convince the husband that it is possible to actually, physically, die from wanting another baby so badly... and as I am not technically a licensed physician, I think I need to get to work on the time travel angle...

Things are not all roses on birthday cakes here (and Mei has requested dinosaurs, not roses, anyway) Mei is THROUGHLY ticked off at me- I even got the "evil-sideways-look-of-imminent-doom" she does so very well; she has been told for the last three years that she gets to go to Kindergarten at the big kids school when she is five and she is five tomorrow so... SCHOOL TIME! Party on dude, right? But no, not right, not until fall... so for this clear betrayal I am now a "meany tattle-tale" (I think she meant "liar" but whatever) and make her "SO fruus-er-a-ted" (which I assume is similar to being frustrated?). But I think (hope) we have now cleared this up; I possibly mentioned that if she waits until fall for Kindergarten, Miss V might have candy for her... and now I have seven months to figure out how to deal with that..

Reenactment of the patented "evil-sideways-look-of-imminent-doom".

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